In business, as in life, it all comes down to people. As crucial as it is to have a sound strategic vision and enlightened operational policies, real productivity relies on sustained harmony among and between all levels of your workforce.

Here at the Cabot Institute, we are firm believers in equipping management with the tools and techniques for identifying areas of vulnerability and applying proactive measures to prevent workplace disruption. We also offer professional counseling intervention and other psychological services on both a preemptive and reactive basis.

The best first step, of course, is a benchmark assessment to evaluate current policies and identify any issues requiring immediate attention. We have listed below a sampling of the services we provide to assist you in creating and maintaining a healthy, high-functioning organization.

We invite you to contact us for more detailed information or to answer any questions you might have.

An overview of our assessment services

  • management consultation
  • assessment in preparation for crisis intervention
  • assessment as a precursor downsizing groups and services
  • workplace stress management assessment
  • preparing an assessment of time management effectiveness
  • preventing and responding to workplace violence through early assessment
  • training on communication
  • team-building assessment and intervention
  • job profile assessment and creation
  • multi-cultural diversity training
  • assessment of - and coping with - holiday stress
  • grief groups
  • coaching for problem employees
  • developing union avoidance and decertification/de-unionization strategies

The Cabot Institute along with leading labor relations expert, Steve Cabot, has formed a strategic alliance with Center for Workplace Management for a full range of assessment services.