While many factors contribute to the successful recruitment and retention of productive employees, few outrank having a fair and balanced approach to compensation, incentives, and benefits. It is human nature to want to feel valued, and one indicator of enlightened management is a willingness to institute policies that both acknowledge and encourage excellence.

We have spent years developing and testing the most effective means of enhancing worker satisfaction. We offer our clients a multi-faceted approach to building a better organizational culture, one that not only establishes creative compensation policies but also deals with the "softer" aspects of employee relations such as better communications at all levels and management recognition of job performance, all of which also aids in union avoidance and contributes to potential decertification/de-unionization. 

As leading labor relations experts, the Cabot Institute featuring Steve Cabot specialize in solving real-world compensation issues as they emerge, and structuring strategies to deal with them. We understand, for example, that the growing sense of compensation entitlement in some quarters of our society is being expressed in the workplace by unrealistic expectations regarding wages and benefits. We have created the tools to assess and counter these compensation-related pressures in creative and constructive ways.

We know what attracts good workers and effective managers. We know what keeps them happy. And we know what makes them stay. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive array of compensation-related services, including:

  • Total Reward Compensation Strategies
  • Variable Pay (Incentives)
  • Base Pay (Competency-, Skill-, and Job-Based)
  • Performance Management
  • Sales Compensation
  • Executive Compensation
  • Recognition
  • Custom Compensation Surveys
  • Workforce Involvement in Structuring Compensation
  • Two-way Communications Regarding Compensation Issues