Few things can be as disruptive and demoralizing in the workplace as conflict. Whether it takes the form of an individual act of aggression or something more subtle and endemic, conflict damages productivity, drives away employees, and derails attempts to build a sense of trust and unity.

And few things can be as redemptive as conflict avoidance. Here at the Cabot Institute, we take the issue of conflict avoidance very seriously, and have adopted two discrete, strategic approaches to preempt conflict: one addresses the risks of isolated incidences caused by disgruntled or seriously disturbed workers; the other focuses more broadly on the full spectrum of workplace issues and attitudes.

  • The role of conflict avoidance in workplace violence - Along with our partners at the Center for Workplace Management, we offer a full range of conflict avoidance services related to preventing and dealing with violence. These include a broad array of psychological services such as assessments and screenings, plus other conflict avoidance programs designed to achieve specific goals such as team building and stress management. 
  • Assessing and addressing employee attitudes as a means of conflict avoidance - Among the most effective conflict avoidance tools we've ever developed to take real- time readings of crucial employee attitudes and opinions are our Cabot Institute Enhanced Workplace Surveys. Contact us to learn how to diagnose problems before they trigger employee discontent, and how our surveys can offer management practical guidance for creating an optimal working environment through our comprehensive conflict avoidance strategies.

We invite you to contact us with any specific questions or concerns related to conflict avoidance, workplace violence, employee assessments, or any other labor relations issues.