Decertification was once considered a taboo topic in many companies. And while the opportunities to reclaim a union-free status are not always easy - and the road to achieving that goal is fraught with risks - the dream of decertification can become a reality. The Cabot Institute stands ready to assist employers in assessing their options as they consider the challenging opportunities related to decertification.

Steve Cabot is one of North America's most effective decertification authorities, and has lectured widely on the topic. During his semi-annual Labor Strategy Symposium ("Union/Nonunion - achieving the best in both worlds"), he offers his audience an explicit decertification blueprint for returning an organization to its nonunion status without running afoul of the NLRB's myriad rules and regulations. Attendees learn how to prepare a workplace environment conducive to decertification, and then how to prepare for, conduct, and win a decertification election. In addition, he details the latest "withdrawal of recognition" techniques by which a union-free status can be regained without an election.

In addition to his Symposium and other public addresses, Steve Cabot has routinely met privately with senior management in virtually every industry throughout the world to develop decertification/de-unionization strategies. Steve Cabot has successfully aided management in decertification/de-unionization efforts in over a 45 year period.

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