Central to establishing and maintaining the highest levels of labor/management relations and peak productivity is the creation of a comprehensive human resources plan. In its broadest description, this HR plan will encompass the services relating to the full spectrum of employee needs and concerns.

As one of North America’s leading labor relations experts, Steve Cabot and the Cabot Institute partner with our clients and affiliates to develop a strategic vision and overall action plan for HR and employee relations that reinforces the essential values of the organization, and based on that vision and action plan, we create a detailed tactical human resources strategy of implementation and accountability. 

Elsewhere on this site you will find more information on the various components of a successful HR policy. Among those are:

  • Hiring practices
  • Personnel management
  • Conflict avoidance
  • Effective communications
  • Employee assessment
  • Workplace audits and surveys
  • Motivation and rewards
  • Essential action plans
  • Union avoidance and decertification strategies

We invite you to contact us with any specific human resources questions or concerns related to your organization and its HR needs.