From the desk of Steve Cabot: These are challenging times for optimists.  I remember writing a year ago that as disruptive as 2010 had been for millions of American workers and their employers, 2011 could well be even more difficult.  I take no joy in the accuracy of that prediction.

But as much as we may feel like frogs swimming in that famous pot on the stove as Washington continues to turn up the heat, I do believe in the core strength and wisdom of the American people.  My hope is that when it’s time to write an assessment a year from now, we will have righted this ship of state, setting the stage for real recovery, and reversing the policies that have discouraged and divided us.

In this moment, however, I prefer to set aside those concerns and reflect on those aspects of life that transcend the sorts of struggles we all face from time to time.  I’m grateful for my clients – for their confidence and constancy – and for my family and friends who deepen my experience of living and bring joy in so many ways.

Yes, there will be opportunities soon enough to address the issues that confront us as employers, and I will be returning in a month to write on those important matters.   Until then, I hope you will find ways to offer and receive the love and support that is central to the significance of this season.

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