Creating a Pro-active Labor Relations Environment - Part Two in a Series: A Management Perspective

As well as creating mutual cooperation, a pro-active employee environment enhances the ability of management to enjoy, without limitations, the following prerogatives:

  • Unobstructed management of your organization.
  • Control over customer services.
  • Unobstructed work assignments
  • Promotions based on performance and qualifications.
  • Transfers based on business and employee needs.
  • Independent complaint resolution.
  • The right to fairly discipline where warranted.
  • The right to equitably establish work schedules, work rules, and assign overtime.

By achieving these and other related objectives, management can begin to build a work environment predicated on trust and mutual respect.  This type of work environment helps promote morale, efficiency, and productivity.  Thus, employees become stakeholders in all processes of the business while at the same time feel no need for third party representation.

Subsequent blogs will be provided to help employers deal more effectively with critical aspects of pro-active approaches to relations between management and employees.

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