Creating a Pro-active Labor Relations Environment - Part Eighteen in a Series: Part Eighteen in a Series: A Factual Understanding by Employees

Employees have the right to make an informed decision about whether to sign a union authorization card and/or whether or not to join a union. It is the responsibility of management to provide employees with the information they need. Employees need to understand what it means to be part of a pro-active work environment. Pro-active approaches, such as shared goal setting, joint problem solving, positive leadership and direction, participative management and mutual respect must be demonstrated by management and explained to employees.

About the Pro-Active Environment Employees Now Have

Competitive wages, benefits and working conditions:

• Employees now enjoy competitive wages, benefits and working conditions without paying union dues and initiation fees and without exposing themselves to the possibility of strikes.

A chance for advancement and salary increases based on individual merit; a pro- employee management team with a record of fair dealing.

  • The workplace operates under personnel policies that assure fair, progressive and individualized treatment for every employee.
  • Employees should be aware that their supervisor as well as other members of management are always willing to discuss with them any matter dealing with their work environment or the quality of their work life.
  • Employee involvement programs including joint goal setting.

    • Employees now enjoy an employment relationship based on cooperation and mutual respect where management listens and encourages employee participation.

    In addition to the ideas discussed above, creating a pro-active work environment should also include the components to be discussed in upcoming blogs, as part of a comprehensive strategy. In my next blog, I will discuss, among other things, the consequences of belonging to a union.

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