Creating a Pro-active Labor Relations Environment - Part Eleven in a Series: Employee Orientation System

An employee orientation system must be established which emphasizes the employer’s:

  • Management style.
  • Mode of operation.
  • Pro-active employee relations philosophy.
  • Operational goals and direction.

This sets the proper tone for employment to begin.  It also enables new employees to fully understand company policies and procedures as well as the company’s compensation and benefit structures.  Employees who fully understand the goals and directions of the company, as well as how they “fit into the total picture” are much more motivated and focused on attaining company goals and objectives.  In addition, there will be a much greater opportunity for teamwork, mutual respect and cooperation as a result of such an orientation system.

In addition to the ideas discussed above, creating a pro-active work environment should also include the components to be discussed in upcoming blogs as part of a comprehensive strategy.


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