Creating a Pro-active Labor Relations Environment - Part Thirteen in a Series: Creating Involvement Systems

Systems need to be instituted that encourage employee involvement in the decision-making process.  Employees will better understand and be more likely to support decisions in which they play a role.  Employees who see themselves as a genuine part of the company, rather than just cogs in a wheel, will be more productive, efficient, caring and loyal.

Informal involvement systems might include meetings with small groups of workers to listen to employees’ needs and perceptions.  Formal involvement systems include the use of such techniques as quality circles or employee membership on committees dealing with work rules, safety, discipline, and so forth.  Whether utilizing informal or formal approaches, the important point is that management must listen to what is on the minds of employees and let employees know that management cares about them and their jobs.

In addition to the ideas discussed above, creating a pro-active work environment should also include the components to be discussed in upcoming blogs as part of a comprehensive strategy. 

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