It's time for a change: The case against Obama


While the nation debates the debates – and in particular, the propriety and partisanship of the moderators – the central issues of this campaign are obvious and irrefutable. By virtually every benchmark, it’s clear our beloved country is in trouble, and of the two proposed paths forward, only one offers authentic hope for responsible change.

I see no need to re-litigate the 2008 election. Enough Americans voted for Barack Obama to make him president, and whether their support was based on race, ignorance, or ideology, the fact is that he has had four years to implement his policies and keep his promises. His track record has been abysmal, and I believe another term in the White House would cause irreversible damage to the solvency and security of the United States.

Pick any indicator, and things have gotten worse since 2008.

o    The president may celebrate the recently-reported dip in unemployment, but the true indicator – one that includes those who are under-employed, working part-time, or have given up entirely – remains at over 14.5%.
o    Ever-ballooning debit and deficits – and the unrestricted printing of money – are now at a point that becoming Greece is less hyperbole and more a real possibility. There’s a reason our credit rating was downgraded for the first time in history, and it could happen again.
o    The administration claims inflation remains low, but for those struggling in the middle class or on fixed incomes, the real cost of living has skyrocketed. Gas at the pump has doubled, heating oil continues to climb, food prices have jumped, and healthcare costs are escalating even as the restrictions on patient choice and reimbursement embedded in Obamacare are starting to be implemented.
o    Our foreign policy is in dangerous disarray. “Leading from behind” has been interpreted by friends and enemies alike as weakness, and the world is demonstrably less safe. And when the chickens do come home to roost, as with the coordinated attack that killed our ambassador on American soil, the Obama administration lies and attempts to cover up in order to maintain the fiction that terrorism is “back on its heels. “

The list goes on. The bailouts, the failed stimulus, the abuse of executive orders, the ignominy of “Fast and Furious,” a Justice Department that will not live up to its name.

But there is hope, and in my next blog, I will outline the case for Mitt Romney – or as I like to call it, the case for America’s Comeback.

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