Obama’s Pro-Union NLRB: New Developments

While politicians and the general public were focusing on fiscal cliff issues, the NLRB quietly overturned long standing precedents that can be deemed Christmas gifts to labor unions that will ultimately produce a windfall.  The following comments are reflective of an article written by Dr. Susan Berry.

In the steamrolling style that is now the hallmark of the Obama administration and its extensions, the NLRB voted 3-1 to materially change the Supreme Court’s 1988 Communication Workers of America vs. Beck decision, whereby union workers in non-right-to-work states were able to withhold the portion of their dues that unions spend on political activism.  The NLRB now allows that unions no longer are required to provide proof, through audits of their finances, to so-called “Beck objectors” that their money is not spent on union politics.

In addition to saving unions from mandatory financial audits, the NLRB also decided that lobbying expenses are now “chargeable to [Beck] objectors, to the extent that they are germane to collective bargaining, contract administration, or grievance adjustment.”

As stated in a recent article by Dr. Susan Berry, these new rules mean that workers who are force to join unions and pay union dues have less control than ever over how their money is spent by union leaders.  Labor bosses can now spend those funds on just about any lobbying expense whatsoever and never have to justify it.


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