From the desk of Stephen Cabot: Democratic law makers in California have attempted over and over again to alter the state’s labor law to benefit farm workers and reduce the rights of farm owners and managers. They introduced a bill, SB1474, that would have required the state’s Agricultural Labor Relations Board to declare an immediate union victory if employers corrupted the outcome of a union organizing election. (Who would make such a determination? Unions who lose those elections?) Wielding his mighty pen, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator, vetoed the fifth attempt to pass such a bill. For Democrats the Governor is Conan the Destroyer, but for those who understand that unions are an obstacle to economic recovery, the Governor is the Last Action Hero. The Governor rightly stated that the bill attempted to tilt the labor relations playing field in favor of unions; thus, it would not improve upon the current secret-ballot system. Indeed, it would serve to call into question the validity of secret-ballot elections. The governor may no longer be Pumping Iron, but he is still maintaining a strong, vigorous stance against radicals who want to subvert secret ballot elections and injure Corporate America.

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