Creating a Pro Active Work Environment - Part 1

Timeless Information from the Cabot Institute Archives:  The first in a series of videos containing an excerpt from Stephen J. Cabot discussing labor relations strategies with Leon Cooper, Esq. and Robert Chesney.

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Creating a Pro-Active Labor Relations Environment - Part One in a Series

Companies today face the critical challenge of creating a work environment where employees gain an understanding that their individual interests and those of their company share much in common and can best be achieved through mutual cooperation.  No combination of management styles, philosophies, or progressive labor relations programs will be effective if employees lack this perception.

To create such a work environment, companies need to take a pro-active approach to labor relations.  A pro-active approach is one which the company efforts are focused on taking the initiative in implementing programs that stress:

  • Shared goals.
  • Joint problem solving.
  • Positive leadership and direction.
  • Participative management.
  • Mutual respect.

Generally a by-product of a pro-active approach to employee relations is that employees feel no need for union representation.  In addition, pro-active employee relations programs reduce the likelihood that employees will initiate employee-related litigation as well as greatly enhance a company’s chances of successfully defending employee initiated litigation or administrative actions.  

Subsequent blogs will be provided to help employers deal more effectively with critical aspects of pro-active approaches to relations between management and employees.

expert labor relations advice