From the desk of Stephen Cabot: Many important conservative leaders have organized to have congress reject the mis-named “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act.” The bill was designed to force state and municipal public safety workers to be represented by unions, regardless of whether the workers want such representation. Firefighters, police, and EMT workers who had quit unions or had refused to join unions, in accordance with the bill are denied freedom to negotiate their own contracts. The bill puts the unelected Federal Labor Relations Authority in the position of determining what’s right and what’s wrong in each state’s labor relations with public safety workers, thus abrogating state authority to deal with its own employees. Under the bill, the best interests of states are decided by the FLRA. The passage of the bill, promoted by unions, was designed to drive up membership in public sector unions and significantly increase their ability to wage pro-union political campaigns. Among the eminent conservatives who have organized to reject the legislation are Edwin Meese III, Grover Norquist, Susan Carleson, Duane Parde, Dr. Herbert London, David Keene, Gary Bauer, Richard Viguerie, J. Kenneth Blackwell, Brent Bozell, and Alfred Regnery, among various other luminaries.

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