Change We Can Believe In (New for 2012)

Over the past several weeks, I have used this space to present a continuing education series on how to create a pro-active labor relations environment.  I included specific strategic recommendations based on decades of experience and witnessing countless transformations in organizations of every size and description throughout the world.  I've seen change I can believe in - and have been happy to share those "keys to success" with my readers.

Additionally, for the next several weeks, I'm going to do something I have studiously avoided to this point:  address the significant issues and truly dire implications of the upcoming election as I see them.  

I don't take this step lightly.  While I have made no secret of my opposition to various labor-related actions taken by the current administration, I have so far left it to others to weigh in on the consequences of the November 6th contest.  But the stakes are too high this time around for me to remain silent.  Beginning shortly, I will outline what I see as the most compelling issues facing us as employers and as individuals living in what is still the greatest country in the world.

Speaking for myself, I'm ready for change - and not the one that turns us into Greece.

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