From the desk of Stephen Cabot:

Citizens of Chula Vista and Oceanside in California are sick of having to pay for sky rocketing union costs for publicly financed building projects. While those citizens overwhelmingly voted for President Obama in 2008, they have overwhelming rejected his support of unions, such as his Executive Order in support of project labor agreements, which imposes union-favorable rules on federal building projects that will cost more than $25 million.

In Chula Vista, voters supported Proposition G, 56% to 43%, which bans project labor agreements, because such agreements result in union-generated high cost overruns that increase taxes. Voters in Oceanside supported Proposition G by 53%.

In those cities, unions will no longer be able to set terms for municipal construction projects. No longer will unions dictate wage and benefit levels for construction workers on municipal projects, thus limiting the likelihood of enormous cost overruns, such as those that plagued the Big Dig in Boston.

Proposition G will be an inspiration for municipalities across the country, where tax revenues have receded and debt financing has increased. What has happened in Chula Vista and Oceanside is just another example of how savvy citizens are no longer willing to support the greedy demands of unions.

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