Congress is pushing back against the NLRB's arbitrary rule-making using a provision of the Congressional Review Act called a Resolution of Disapproval. If enacted, this joint resolution will reverse these onerous regulations and reestablish the rights of employers and their workers. With passage assured in the Republican-controlled House, it remains for the Senate to follow suit. The measure – S.J. Res. 36 – already has 45 co-sponsors and needs only a simple majority to pass. You must act now by calling your senators and urging them to vote YES on S.J. Res. 36.

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From the desk of Steve Cabot: Since the soothsayer’s warning to Julius Caesar, the Ides of March has carried a dark connotation of doom and betrayal by someone close – a trusted advocate or ally. And that’s what came to mind as I read several items within the past week which highlighted the increasing divergence between the priorities of Organized Labor and the workers they claim to represent.

Here we are, still mired in the worst economic times since the Great Depression, and what do we hear from the union bosses – words of concern and a willingness to work with management to save jobs and build productivity? Not even close.

In a recent interview, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka spelled out his commitment to partner with radical (which he calls Progressive) political action groups to push the Far Left agenda of this administration. These are ideologically-driven efforts utterly disconnected with – and often in direct opposition to – the well-being of the American worker.

Is it any surprise, then, that employees – at least in the private sector – are questioning the value (and values) of their union leaders?  They see the abuses, the pointlessly confrontational attitude toward management, the unauthorized allocation of dues to political purposes antithetical to their interests, the intimidation in organizing elections, and the general hijacking of their rights. And increasingly, they don’t like it.

But out of this disillusionment has come great opportunity. For years, the Cabot Institute has believed in – and counseled clients to embrace – a WIN/WIN approach in the workplace, one that sees employees as partners, not pawns. One that rejects us/them in favor of a true shared vision.

And today, more than ever, we are seeing the fruits of this philosophy. I encourage you to reach out to discuss the specific ways we can assess your situation and suggest the best strategies going forward. You can call me directly on my cell phone (215-990-3423) or contact Georgetta McCabe, my administrative assistant, on her direct line: 800-655-2042.

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From the desk of Steve Cabot: Maybe it’s arrogance, as Organized Labor feels increasingly emboldened by its protectors and enablers in the Administration and Congress. Or maybe it’s desperation, as union leaders sense a political sea change that threatens those cozy relationships and their delusional demands at the bargaining table.

Whatever the motivation, what is clear is that employers are being confronted increasingly by labor tactics as old as extortion and physical violence and as new as cyber attacks and a range of dirty tricks impacting companies and their customers alike.

One current high-profile illustration of over-the-line union thuggery involves a broad campaign of blackmail, extortion and other criminal acts against Sodexo USA, which has filed suit against SEIU in federal court under the RICO Act. A U.S. district judge recently denied the union’s motion for dismissal, thus green-lighting the case for immediate prosecution.

One of the documents discovered as this case has unfolded is a 70-page “how-to” intimidation manual (click here to download) which encourages, among other things, targeting board members and their families for public harassment and personal embarrassment within their community. You may remember an example of this in May when SEIU drove 14 busloads of screaming, bullhorn-equipped, placard-carrying protestors to the home of Bank of America’s deputy general counsel in suburban Washington, DC, terrifying their teenage son who was alone in the house.

It has been equally alarming to watch the union tactics in the Verizon strike. You may have seen the viral video of a picketer pushing his young daughter in front of a moving Verizon truck while shouting obscenities at the nonunion employees trying to get to work. In a related incident, police in Uniontown, PA reported an act of “criminal mischief” in which the power was cut to all land lines in the area,  including those to state police barracks and other emergency services. All indications are that it was an inside job.

This is disturbing stuff. And while Organized Labor may take comfort knowing they are being given a long leash by the pro-union NLRB and Department of Justice, 2012 is coming – and the American people will be heard.

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