Meet Craig Becker

If you're an employer, he just became your worst nightmare.

To my clients and friends,

Do you recognize the man pictured above? If not, you're not alone. The Obama-compliant media have been very effective in keeping Mr. Becker -- and his radical pro-union views -- suppressed, at least until the President decided to defy the Senatorial majority against his nomination to the NLRB and appoint him during the Congressional recess.

Why is this important information for you to know? It's pretty basic.

Like so many of President Obama's advisors, confidantes, and appointees, Craig Becker is a self-described Progressive, laser-focused on "transforming" America. He is an unashamed radical who, in the name of worker "fairness," wants to rob those same workers of their right to a secret ballot in union recognition elections. And because Congress has so far been reluctant to pass this "card check" provision, he has announced his intention to bypass the legislature entirely and achieve his goal through an internal regulatory process. So much for the will of the people.

But EFCA and "card check" are just the tip of the iceberg: ALL EMPLOYERS, whether union or nonunion, need to PREPARE IMMEDIATELY for the "changes" long sought by the Left and Mr. Becker's former associates at SEIU and the AFL-CIO.

Here at the Cabot Institute, we have been preparing for change for over two years. The press may have swooned over Mr. Obama, but I knew from his record, his writings, and the influences in his life that as President, he would have business and capitalism in his crosshairs. Sadly, I was correct.

Fortunately, we have developed an array of proven strategies to defend your rights as employers as well as the interests of your employees, even in the face of new, intrusive regulations. I will be sharing these at our upcoming Labor Strategy Survival Seminars in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati, and I urge you to attend. Seating will be limited, and given the undeniable threat to employers represented by Mr. Becker and the soon-to-be-radicalized NLRB, I encourage you to register immediately.

You may have already received our seminar brochure. If so, please review it carefully and contact me with any questions or concerns. As an alternative, you can simply visit our website and download a copy -- as well as register online.

I will be updating you on developments as Mr. Becker turns his philosophy into policy, and will continue to devise effective strategies for remaining union-free, working more productively with a union already in place, or even achieving the ideal of decertification.

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