Effective training of personnel - at every level - is a prerequisite for creating and maintaining an optimum workplace environment. As part of our broad spectrum of labor relations services, we provide comprehensive management training programs tailored to your organization and its specific needs, in either a union or nonunion setting.

Central to our proactive approach to management training is equipping supervisors with the communications skills to help them better understand and respond to employees and their concerns. Experience has demonstrated that as workers feel acknowledged, the resulting increase in productivity and job satisfaction reduces the incentive to seek third-party (i.e. union) involvement.

The Cabot Institute also offers management training models for all levels of management. These are designed to reinforce the specific principles and practices taught at the supervisory level.

An overview of our training modules

  • The four key management training interpersonal skills
    • management training: self-esteem enhancement
    • management training: utilization of empathy
    • management training: involvement of employee
    • management training: problem solving through asking the right questions
  • The seven interactive management training programs below are based on the interpersonal skills module
    • management training through improving work performance (building productivity)
    • management training through identifying and correcting poor work habits (e.g. tardiness, absenteeism)
    • management training through establishing accountability and consequences
    • management training through instituting positive re-enforcement
    • discipline (turning a negative into a positive)
    • dealing with employees problems and concerns
    • introducing workplace change as a positive experience for employees

We invite you to contact us with any specific questions or concerns related to management training or any human resources issues. 


The Cabot Institute has formed a strategic alliance with The Wentworth Group in presenting these and other workplace management training programs. For more information, visit their website: