A key component of any comprehensive human resources strategy is personnel management. It is the wise employer who organizes and leads his or her staff in a way that maximizes both the potential of each individual as well as the overall productivity of the organization.

One crucial feature of a good personnel management system, for example, is the establishment of clear and concise job descriptions. Failure to define those boundaries can lead to confusion, tension, and unnecessary rivalries over "turf" issues. Just as destructive, uncertainty concerning areas of responsibility can mean important matters will fall through the cracks, often with disastrous results.

The Cabot Institute will provide your company with a detailed assessment of your human resources policies, including personnel management solutions, and will recommend ways to bring clarity and consistency to the administration of your workplace. The result will be a rise in morale and productivity as everyone understands exactly what is expected - and what the consequences are for both success and failure. Collateral benefits include maintaining a union-free environment for the non-union employer and providing strategic options for a unionized employer, such as achieving decertification or successful bargaining strategies. This also aids in strike planning and strike avoidance. 

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