Highest rated speaker! The content and effectiveness were excellent
— Jan Lamoglia, American College of Health Care Administrators
Your participation in our program was a critical component of its success. The feedback on your keynote speech has been outstanding!
— Michael D. McCormick, Young Presidents Organization
THANK YOU! Your talent and expertise as a speaker, as well as your energy, commitment, professionalism, and flexibility contributed greatly to the success of the Conference. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with you.
— Sheri Brown, American Management Association International/USA
As one of the key speakers, your participation played an important role in generating very positive feedback from the attendees.
— Wayne Breckenridge, Food Distributors International
You were an overwhelming success and we have implemented a variety of the ideas you suggested. You are a valuable resource for our future needs.
— Cynthia J. Aronson, Bush Industries, Inc.
Your presentation was very informative and valuable!
— Kathy Gormley, New York Association of Homes & Servicing for the Aging
As the principal speaker on our program, your participation was largely responsible for its success. Written comments by attendees regarding your presentation included such phrases as, ‘Excellent presentation skills,’ ‘Very dynamic,’ ‘Excellent,’ ‘Made me think!’ and ‘Knowledgeable and entertaining.
— Arnold Prokott, National Business Institute
We had more outstanding comments [on our program] than in any other year – and we have you to thank! Our evaluation cards were brimming with comments like, ‘Great speaker,’ ‘very energetic and informative,’ ‘simplified difficult issues,’ and ‘infectious sense of humor.’ Thank you for bringing such excellence to our convention.
— Ellen Tishman, American Health Care Association
Exceptional! Your presentation was one of the most well received we have ever offered to our members. Ann Finley and I hope we will have additional opportunities to bring you back to Virginia.
— Beverley A. Soble, Virginia Health Care Association
I appreciate your generous efforts in preparing a highly professional presentation. The enthusiastic audience reaction to your speech really told the story.
— John Prokop, President, Independent Liquid Terminals Association
Your presentation was the hit of the conference!
— R. R. Sprague, Powell Duffryn Terminals, Inc.
Thank you so much for your fine keynote address…as well as the informal sharing during our hospitality time. Your efforts contributed greatly to the Conference’s success.
— Keith L. Apple, President, Apple Consulting
Your keynote speech set the tone for our conference: it was incredibly informative and gave us a great deal to think about.
— Kimberly J. Whiteman, President, Society for Human Resource Management
It is difficult to thank you adequately for your presentation. It was most valuable!
— Daisy A. Horn, New Jersey Association of Community Residential Providers
In my many years in business, I have never found anyone to equal your expertise, sensitivity, and knowledge. Thank you for your excellent keynote address. You have the rare gift of educating while keeping your audience entertained.
— Patricia A. Risch, Association for Retarded Citizens
Your participation was invaluable. Comments on the evaluation forms included: ‘best of the whole conference,’ ‘entertaining,’ ‘knowledgeable,’ ‘bring him back next year for a longer presentation.’ We’ve made a special note of that last one!
— Patricia A. Zeller, Pennsylvania Health Care Association
The feedback we received on your keynote speech was overwhelmingly favorable, with specific comments on an ‘outstanding presentation’ and ‘thorough yet easy to follow.’ Thank you for making this event such a spectacular success.
— Wayne W. Congar, Esq., Home Builders Association
The program was an outstanding success, and I personally received many extremely positive comments on your presentation. Your role as a key speaker at this year’s event had a huge impact on its outcome. Thank you!
— Lee T. Paterson, PIRA Human Resource Management Institute
As the review sheets come in, it’s clear you were the number one speaker at our conference. Your style and subject matter received very high points.
— William H. Roberts, Duchossons Industries, Inc.
…refreshing and enlightening. As keynote speaker, you played a huge part in the success of our event.
— F. George Olsen, Photo Marketing Association International
Your keynote address to our group was thought-provoking and very enjoyable. It set a new standard in excellence.
— Jonathan K. Hale, Human Resource Management Association
You have a knack for saying it like it is (and like it should be) – and your keynote speech succeeded in doing that very well. It was an outstanding presentation.
— Edwin D. Dewees, Philadelphia Hospital Personnel Society
The word I keep hearing to describe your keynote address is ‘inspiring.’ I greatly admire your knowledge of the labor climate of our great country – and the enthusiasm with which you share it.
— Marshall Lee Dodd, Tri-State Personnel Association
One attendee comment can speak for all the others: ‘Steve Cabot was dynamic and insightful – clearly the best speaker for the entire week!’ Thanks for an outstanding job.
— Scott H. Schroeder, Institute for Applied Management and Law, Inc.
I was very impressed with your humanistic approach to handling labor problems. I have heard many encouraging comments on your keynote speech and can guarantee you will be asked to return for a reprise performance.
— Sally A. Halbleib, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Your keynote address was dynamic and very informative. We received so many calls that it’s clear your presentation was the best we have had this year.
— Richard J. Allen, Institute of Scrap Iron & Steel, Inc.
Excellent keynote speech, Steve! I’m sure you could tell from the attendance and the questions you received after your talk that our members were most interested in your assessment of labor relations today – and your vision for the future.
— Brian G. Costello, Industrial Relations Association of Philadelphia
What a considerable contribution to our conference! Your keynote speech was the highlight and dealt successfully with some tough issues.
— Kristin Dawkins, Institute for the Study of Civic Values
Your keynote address was most invigorating and reinforced our efforts at tearing down the traditional walls between management and labor.
— Patrick M. Crahan, Flexsteel Industries, Inc.
Thank you for your stimulating, thought-provoking, and challenging presentation to our group. I have heard many favorable comments (e.g. ‘I wish I could have heard more’) and will be recommending you as the speaker at the Industrial Management Club.
— B. Raymond Potter, York Society for Personnel Administration
Your presentation added greatly to the success of our conference. Those attending were very enthusiastic in their comments on your role. Many thanks.
— Keith E. Crain, Automotive News World Congress
Your presentation earned a top spot in speaker ratings, and we were extremely pleased we had decided to videotape it in order to make it available to our members.
— Judy Kremer, National Automobile Dealers Association
Your keynote address really touched a vital nerve, one which will help us to get our message across to more people on both sides of the table. Thank you, Steve. I hope someday I can be as helpful to you.
— Corrine S. Halperin, Northwestern Pennsylvania Area Labor Management Council
Your presentation played a pivotal role in making this conference one of the most successful yet. The comment I liked best was, ‘Steve Cabot was excellent. He offered information that could actually be used in the workplace.’ I totally agree!
— Bette Chambers, Ohio Personnel Organization