In the real world, even the most enlightened employers can face job-action hardball, and the Cabot Institute is prepared to offer companies of all sizes the most comprehensive and cost-effective strike planning services in the United States. With years of experience in this challenging field, we - along with our strike planning partners - can offer employers and business owners the reassurance of "life after a walkout."

We always counsel our clients to seek preemptive ways to build workplace harmony, so that even in the midst of contract negotiations, comity will prevail and all parties will emerge as winners. But sometimes best efforts fail, and when they do, it is crucial to be prepared. There is no substitute for a meticulous, comprehensive strike planning strategy.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about the specific strike planning steps to prepare for the "worst-case" scenario. These include:

Effective security preparations - a few simple preemptive steps in strike planning can make the difference between success and failure in protecting lives and property.

  • Build strike planning strategies that work - reams of policy statements and passionate rhetoric are no substitute for practical checklists.
  • How much strike planning is enough - proper staffing sets the tone for operations in a dispute.
  • Documentation & evidence collection as part of strike planning - labor disputes aren't won or lost on the picket lines. Be ready for court!
  • Strike planning training nonunion staff - manage their expectations and prepare them for what they'll see when they cross the picket lines.
  • Direct hire vs. temps - learn the pro's and con's of hiring replacements versus contracting for temporary workers.
  • Strike planning advertising & screening - how to attract, identify, and hire the most qualified applicants in the shortest period of time.
  • Housing & transportation - as part of your strike planning, determine the key issues affecting the housing and transportation of your replacement workers.
  • Determine whether or how decertification can be achieved after a collective bargaining agreement has expired during a work stoppage or preceding it.

We invite you to contact us with any specific questions or concerns related to union avoidance, labor negotiations, strike planning, decertification, or any other labor relations issues.