Organized labor wants your employees - and it has a plan to get them. Even before the much-publicized split in the AFL-CIO focused attention on it, more and more union leaders across the country were demanding that millions of dollars be diverted from political lobbying to aggressive new organizing efforts. In reaction, more and more companies are turning to union avoidance strategies.

The disruption and uncertainty caused by the ongoing restructuring of our economy are now creating new "targets of opportunity" - and labor leaders have made it a priority to exploit this situation in order to increase their grip on American business. Hence the ratcheting up of union avoidance as a top priority for Corporate America.

The Cabot Institute - a renowned resource for union avoidance strategies - is dedicated to preparing employers and business owners around the United States for this organizing onslaught, and can offer precise and highly-effective union avoidance guidance for defending your company's union-free status within the evolving guidelines set by the NLRB. We have been recognized as one of the most effective forces in union avoidance in the country.

Twice a year, Steve Cabot takes his union avoidance Labor Strategy Symposium on the road, telling audiences around the United States how to recognize - and defeat - labor's newest organizing strategies. He advises them on defusing workplace issues and how to respond to the changing job environment. And he provides tested techniques for union avoidance in virtually any business.

Click here to download Steve's Labor Strategy Symposium brochure and learn more about his union avoidance strategies, including:

  • Union avoidance using the Internet
  • Achieving union avoidance through defusing employee "hot button" concerns
  • Better communications yield more effective union avoidance
  • Staying within NLRB guidelines while pursuing union avoidance
  • Identifying labor's new "stealth" techniques as a means of union avoidance

We invite you to contact us with any specific questions or concerns related to union avoidance, labor negotiations, strike planning, decertification, or any other labor relations issues. 


“When the Teamster’s union closed his father’s Philadelphia diaper service, they could not have known that Mr. Cabot’s son would become one of the most prominent management-labor attorneys of our time.”
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