One of the most powerful management tools ever developed for diagnosing and defusing employee discontent - as well as driving increased productivity and profitability - are the Cabot Institute Enhanced Workplace Surveys.

Whether your organization is dealing with discrete, site-specific issues or broader challenges such as the well-publicized organizing campaigns promised by the unions which split recently from the AFL-CIO, these individualized workplace surveys will offer precise profiles of conditions as they exist - as will include the strategies, tools, and techniques for achieving all your critical workplace goals for the future.

Refined over thirty-five years of practical experience in virtually every setting, our workplace surveys will perform such key tasks as:

  • Pinpoint labor relations problems through workplace surveys before they reach crisis proportions
  • Use workplace surveys to detail your organization's risks of facing an organizing campaign
  • Identify potential issues with workplace surveys which could trigger employee litigation
  • Offer unionized facilities risk assessment workplace surveys regarding a possible strike
  • Provide a comprehensive picture of the types of issues covered in collective bargaining through out workplace surveys
  • Choose workplace surveys to help in the planning for a strike as well as assistance in negotiations
  • Our workplace surveys enable employers to develop communications strategies targeted to employee needs
  • Let workplace surveys help you identify the reasons why workers enjoy their jobs
  • Reveal any trust issues - and the reasons behind them
  • Learn how workers view the organization's leadership
  • Gain an accurate perception of employee attitudes regarding training, wages, and benefits through our focused workplace surveys
  • Workplace surveys to develop union avoidance strategies
  • Improve communication in the workplace
  • Reduce employee turnover by implementing an ongoing schedule of workplace surveys

  • Improve morale

  • Improve efficiency

  • Reduce lost time accidents

  • To improve hiring and selection strategies

  • To develop areas for training needs

  • To determine the strengths and weaknesses with pinpoint accuracy within the organization

  • To aid organizations in developing labor relations action plans to meet business goals

  • To develop the labor relations component within the overall business plan

  • To determine the strengths and weaknesses of the supervisory team 

  • We invite you to contact us with any specific questions or concerns related to workplace surveys, assessments, or any other human resources issues.